Lord Hardwicke’s is a family-owned restaurant that serves all your favorite American-style cuisine. We are located in San Francisco, California and have been going for 15 years. We love food, we love America, and we love making people happy. We are open 7 days a week and we can’t wait to meet you.

We started this blog page so our patrons can stay on top of what is happening at Lord Hardwicke’s and also share some great stories, tips on food, explanations on different styles of cooking, etc. Our writers are very creative and excellent at what they do. We ensure that you will find good reading here at Lord Hardwicke’s blog page.

We always like to hear from our patrons and anyone else who has questions, suggestions, or interesting stories to share. You can contact us at info@lordhardwickes.com and send us your questions, stories, or suggestions. We are a family restaurant and we would love to hear stories about when your family visited us and how you enjoyed the food and everything else we offer.

Lord Hardwicke’s is a staple restaurant in San Francisco and we would love to see you there soon. Until then, enjoy the great articles you will find on this website. We hope to see you soon!