True American Cuisine Dishes that We All Love

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If you’re American, we know you love our traditional comfort food and all the dishes that American-style cuisine has to offer. We have so many fantastic and delicious dishes that it is hard to believe that we don’t just eat all day long. Today, we want to share some of the best American food dishes that we have. You can find all of these at Lord Hardwicke’s! So, once you’re done reading this, come on over to taste what you’re reading about.

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Apple Pie – If you don’t like apple pie, many Americans will call you un-American. Apple pie is one of the best-loved dishes in the US and it can be seen as a cultural icon.

Steak – You often hear characters on television shows talk about going out for a steak dinner. Such a dinner tends to include steak (duh), fries and sautéed onions. It can also include some vegetables like broccoli and carrots.

Clam Bake – This is a dish that you won’t really find outside of America or it may be called something completely different if you do find it. A clam bake dish consists of various steamed shellfish and is often served with corn on the cobb.

Cheeseburger – Almost every country in the world has cheeseburgers, but we tend to eat it a bit differently. We have the cheeseburger and the fries and we also add coleslaw. The coleslaw is an American thing.

Eggs Benedict – Yes, it’s American. Eggs Benedict is a very popular breakfast meal and consists of poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and you usually get salmon with it. There are also other variations.

Roasted Turkey – Roasted Turkey is a modern American dish that is served with sweet potatoes and grilled vegetables. Again, there can be some variation on the sides, but the traditional roasted turkey remains the star.

These are some of the most-loved American dishes. We also need to mention fried chicken, corn, gumbo, and of course, American-style pizza. We love everything on this list and we know you do too!